Our Donations

Current Campaign

25% of profits on products and apparel featuring this year's custom design. 

Artisan Shop

Our community of Martha's Vineyard Artisans are committed to supporting the non-profit groups that keep their island home beautiful, affordable, and culturally rich. Each artisan in our community  selects a donation amount and non-profit recipient for sales of their products. We  collect the donations at the time of your purchase and distribute them annually.


5% of your spending on Tisbury Turkey gear is donated to our Current Campaign.

Recent Donations

  • Martha's Vineyard Theater Foundation (Autumn 2015, $301.93)
  • Island Housing Trust (Summer 2015, $189.96)
  • Animal Shelter of Martha's Vineyard (Spring 2015 Campaign, $181.75)

Current Campaign: CEO Martha's Vineyard


Our campaign for CEO Martha's Vineyard runs from January 1, 2016 through March 31, 2016. Learn more about this non-profit here.