Althea Freeman, the artist behind Althea Designs, specializes in linoleum block printing.  She has created custom artwork for our 2016 Campaign for Vineyard House Sober Living. From her artist statement:

"I am fascinated by the simplicity and personality of carved lines. I love the abundance and repetition relief printing has to offer. I’m inspired by little things that make life better, like rocking chairs, Swiss army knives, and tacos! I love feeling an appreciation for the world around me. My favorite prints have a sense of humor and a well balanced composition. They are often tributes to an under credited beauty: a carrot, a horse shoe crab, or a cheese grater. I use color very playfully. I like bright happy color combinations including bold blues, oranges, and deep greens. "

Find tanks, stickers, postcards, and more with this design at the Tisbury Turkey booth at summer festivals on Martha's Vineyard.