Becoming Stella B

She always took photos, although rarely of herself. Perhaps it was the Vitiligo--a pigmentation disorder that results in light-colored patches on her feet, hands, and neck--that discouraged her. Maybe it just takes time to grow into the confident, resilient woman she is today. Whatever the reason, Jennifer Lyn, the face behind the camera at Stella B Photography, has grown a period of self-reflection into a blossoming business.

Lyn has always loved photos,  but she only started photographing regularly a few years ago. "It was my therapy," she says, during a particularly dark period in her life. She found her relationship with her boyfriend imploding while she faced health issues that went much deeper than her skin. Going out with her camera gave her time to reflect, relax, and put her life in focus. Although she photographed her surroundings--the beautiful Martha's Vineyard landscape--she found that she began to see herself more clearly and feel more comfortable in her own ("blotchy")  skin.

As their relationship was falling apart, Lyn and her boyfriend had adopted a a sweet little bulldog mix puppy. As she grew, the pup became Lyn's protectress, her friend, and companion. The puppy was happy to see her. The puppy needed her. That puppy showed her unfettered love and devotion and a happiness, Lyn realized, she could not have in her troubled relationship with her boyfriend. One day, Lyn looked at the pup and said "We're leaving." She packed up and took the puppy with her. 

In the four years since that breakup, Lyn and her dog have built a new life together. Lyn took photography courses and has connected with friends and photographers on Martha's Vineyard who support her creatively, professionally and personally. Photography, allows her to put her life in perspective, even when the camera is focused on someone else. Portraiture and children are her specialty; she loves their spontaneity and freedom. Beside her all the way is that little pup that Lyn credits with changing her life. That special pup's name? Stella B, of course. 

Find Stella B Photography at the Chilmark Flea Market in the Tisbury Turkey booth at the Featherstone Flea. is the only place to find Stella B photo products online. Stella B products are also featured in our Summer 2015 Goodbox, shipped June 15 and available this summer at the Featherstone Flea.

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