6 Ways To Support Main Street From Your Computer


By now, you probably know that Tisbury Turkey is all about finding ways for our online living to support our local community. Shopping through us isn't the only way you can support Main Street online, though! Here's 6 easy ways you can help your favorite brick-and-mortars while you're online:

1.)  Write and share reviews of local stores, restaurants, and services. Yelp, TripAdvisor, Angie's List...You rely on community reviews, so be sure to contribute, too!

2.)  Sign up for newsletters. Small businesses rely on their loyal customers and will go out of their way to take care of them. You can look forward to unpublished deals, sale previews, and a personal connection to the business owner when you join their mailing list.

3.)  Engage local businesses on social media. You know the drill: follow, like, share, Instagram, Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Foursquare...You'll help new customers discover your local faves, stay on top of news and events, and create an active online community of supporters.

4.)  Encourage friends afar to shop your local stores & artisans with online storefronts. Many small businesses also have online stores or Etsy shops. Find them, share them, and shop them when you can't hit Main Street in person.

5.)  Leverage your popularity. Do you have a blog?  A website? A massive Twitter following? Link to your favorite stores, highlight a favorite menu item from a local restaurant, post photos of favorite products. Introduce your favorite local business to your online community. The business gets great exposure and your following appreciates your sincere recommendation.

6.)  Make it real: plan a meetup at your favorite local shop or restaurant. Invite the internet to come on down and check it out. You'll have fun meeting new people and you'll keep Main Street hopping.

The divide between our local community and our online community is shifting. We increasingly discover new local friends, businesses, and brands through our online communities.  Help your favorite local businesses make those connections too!