Valentine's Day Cheap & Fun


Images via Interior Junkie

So I've been looking around for interesting ideas for Valentine's Day. I'm not a huge fan of the holiday generally, so spending money on jewelry and flowers doesn't particularly interest me. I have come across a few fun (and cheap) ideas, however. My favorite so far is glamping because it can be made equally enjoyable for the G-rated or adult crowd:

Glamping is camping glamorously. Or if not glamorously, at least indoors where it's warm and bug-free. This would be a great activity whether you are celebrating alone with your special someone or with the kids. 

Not much is required. You need a tent and a space big enough to set it up. If the closest thing you've ever come to camping is a 2-star hotel, then you can buy or make a fun tent for a family celebration without much effort:


I really like these undecorated tee pees. They can be personalized with painted messages of love or let your little ones do the decorating themselves.  Throw some pillows and blankets inside for a cozy place to curl up.


A pop-up beach tent provides room for the whole family, and it will come in very handy a few months from now when you're at the beach. These provide great shade and are resilient on windy days.

Via Interior Junkie

Better yet, put your little campers to work constructing your own indoor tent. Even the littlest Valentine will enjoy tossing pillows and blankets inside to make a cozy bed.

Enjoy hamburgers and hot dogs around the fire(place) and don't forget the marshmallows for toasting! A few games or a movie and this Valentine's will go down in history as the best ever.

For a more romantic glamping adventure, a DIY bed canopy is the way to go, especially if erected beside a flickering (indoor) fire. Complete your evening with a decadent picnic and champagne on ice, and your Valentine will be thrilled indeed.