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As you can guess, we believe that online shopping can serve a purpose beyond just meeting our consumer needs. After all, we built this website to do just that. But there is more than one way to "shop ethically." All are valuable and address issues ranging from human rights to environmental protection, to supporting local farms and businesses.  

Naturally, wildlife research groups like our featured charity, BiodiversityWorks, have a vested interest in environmental protection efforts, particularly as it effects species they are studying.  As part of their beach-nesting bird study, BiodiversityWorks staff members regularly monitor a stretch of Martha's Vineyard beach--and remove garbage as they go. Last summer, after a series of historic storms, the trash problem was worse than normal, as noted by BiodiversityWorks director Luanne Johnson:

Recent storms washed trash onto the entire south shore of our Island. What kind of trash did we find? Primarily balloons, plastic food and cleaning containers, and glass bottles. We filled two large tubs and a garbage bag. As we hauled our load back to the parking area, we had plenty of time to talk trash. We discussed the huge gyres of trash in the pacific ocean and steps we thought everyone could take to reduce plastic use.

Johnson's suggestions include purchasing and using a refillable water bottle and vowing never to release a balloon outside.

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There more ways to "go reusable" than just bottles as well--everything from stainless steel straws to personal care products and biodegradable garbage bags. A few of our affiliate stores specialize in reusable items. Through April 2014, you can supply your home with reusable and green products by shopping at any of our online affiliate partners and a portion of your spending will be donated to our featured charity, BiodiversityWorks. Just start at!

We've highlighted some great green products here.

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