5 Mothers Day Gift Ideas That Do Not Include Bath Salts



I'm sure Mom loves you a lot. And maybe she even likes the cute little basket of bath salts and body lotion you usually pick up on the way to your Mother's Day brunch. But, really, doesn't she deserve more? Celebrate Mom for her wacky, moody, bad-ass self this year with a gift that goes beyond the usual. 

Of course, we have a few suggestions from the Tisbury Turkey community of stores:

1.  Moms work year around, right? In fact, when you were just a wee thing, your mom worked 24 hours a day for a longer period of time than she cares to remember. Make your Mother's Day go just a bit farther with one of many fun new subscription services. Sign mom up for one of these services and she'll get a box of yummy, pretty, or plain fun items delivered to her doorstep. You define the "level" (or $$) of the box and the frequency of delivery.

Check out Julep for nail and beauty items, StitchFix* for custom clothing deliveries (note, Mom will have to create a style profile and upload her measurements for this one), or Globe-In for a selection of Fair Trade sundries and goods. For a more traditional route, have monthly gift baskets, flowers, or plants delivered by 1800Flowers.

2. Use CafePress for more than just ordering a cute customized mug. Remind her it's not so serious after all with some "World's Okayest Mom" swag or snappy tee. 

3. It may be hard to believe, but Mom does have interests outside of her children. She may not have time to do much with those interests these days, but I promise she'll appreciate a gift that acknowledges her individuality. She's mastered changing a diaper with one hand in the time it took you to read this sentence, so why not present her with a new challenge? With Yoga Download she can try a variety of new Yoga classes whenever and wherever she finds a moment to spare. She learn a new technique or refine an existing one with a selection of craft and cooking classes online at Craftsy.com.  Is Mom passionate about caring for her spirit as well as her body? She can explore programs for body and mind with GAIAMtv from GAIAM

4. Mom loves art, and not just the kind you find hanging on the refrigerator. Get her something hip, edgy, and fun designed by up-and-coming artists at DBH. Whether it's toys, shirts, or collectibles, you'll find pop art items to celebrate mom's geek side at KidRobot.

5. The only thing Mom loves more than you is getting away from you for a few days. Give her the gift of time to herself. Book flights, hotels, or packages through our Orbitz or Tingo links and her gift will also benefit a local charity, so you'll have good karma to spare.

Have ideas of your own to contribute? Add them in the comments!


*Note: Our partnership with StitchFix is still pending, so your purchase from their store may not result in a donation to a local charity.