Do #TheVineyardGood


Do The Vineyard Good. It's our motto and our mission. It's the best part of sitting down every morning to check our web stats, our sales, and news of our featured non-profits. Uncovering who, what, and how people do #TheVineyardGood is a reward in itself. So I am rechristening this blog to remind myself and our readers exactly what we care about. Welcome to The Good Blog.

We will be featuring posts about the people and organizations that make Martha's Vineyard so special, whether that means protecting the natural environment, helping neighbors in need, or creating beautiful and delectable objects locally.  We'll highlight the ways our shoppers are doing #TheVineyardGood through their online shopping across the country (even internationally!) and share the ways our online retailers are raising their ethical and environmental standards. And don't forget you can share too! Share your photos and stories of people doing #TheVineyardGood on Instagram, or simply send them to us, and if we feature yours on FB or our website we'll send you some free Tisbury Turkey swag.

Brenda Grandizio and me at the 2014 Oak Bluffs Harbor Fest

Here's me with Brenda Grandizio, director of the Family Planning Clinic of Martha's Vineyard (a division of Health Imperatives of Southeastern Massachusetts) at the Oak Bluffs Harbor Fest last week. She came by to help me spread the word about our Tisbury Turkey campaign for the Friends of Family Planning--a non-profit group that supports the work of the Clinic--at the Oak Bluffs Harbor Fest. She had a church fundraiser and a NAACP meeting and a few other family and community activities that day, but she still found time to don her "i got condoms" shirt and hand out free condoms to educate the community about safe sex. Yeah, Brenda's a person who can't stop doing #TheVineyardGood.

And our very own Good News for the day? Together, the Tisbury Turkey community has raised almost $400 for the Friends of Family Planning and (by extension) the Family Planning Clinic of Martha's Vineyard. Whether you shopped through our online retailers, were one of the many folks who stopped by to pick up a shirt or mug at the Harbor Fest or ordered our Oscar gear online, thank you for your support! We've added new items to Our Store, and changed the format of our Sales & Events to make it easier for your to browse great new deals. Keep up the good work. This is a team effort, and you make a fabulous team.