Patagonia and Doing #theVineyardGood


Long before TOMS and Sevenly showed the world that responsible consumerism was here to stay, there was Patagonia. Their journey toward environmentally and socially responsible practices began in 1988 with the discovery that clothes made of conventionally grown cotton off-gassed formaldehyde that was making. Patagonia's production went 100% organic by 1996 and they started to look into other social and environmental implications of their supply chain and manufacturing.

 “Living the examined life,” Yvon Chouinard, founder of Patagonia, explains, “is a pain in the ass.” 

Chouinard's observation about choosing to understand the implications of his company's practices resonates with many of us. Once down the rabbit hole of examining our choices, we easily become overwhelmed by the impact even our tiniest decisions can have on the planet and its residents. Patagonia recognizes that it can still do more--there are issues they have not yet found ways to address, and there probably always will be. And that fact can't be overemphasized. People and corporations will never be perfect or perfectly responsible, but becoming paralyzed by the complex web of consumer and social responsibility is far worse. Better to make one small change than none at all. 

And that's what we hope to achieve at Tisbury Turkey. We know that online shopping can feel like the enemy of the ideals of living locally. But in a world where it's unlikely that people can or will shop locally 100% of the time, we provide the opportunity for folks near and far to make one small change to support the local community. 

Check out Patagonia's website for more information about their responsible practices and to learn how to recycle your Patagonia clothing through their Common Threads partnership. They are having a sale right now--up to 40% off--and when you start at the links on the Tisbury Turkey website, our campaign for a Vineyard non-profit receives 8% of your spending. 

If you choose to shop through any of the links on this page, our current campaign receives a donation. Patagonia gives 8% toward our campaign, ReUseIt gives 2-5%, TOMS gives 7% on most items, Tea Collection gives, 8% and Sevenly gives a whopping 12% to our current campaign.