Making the Most of Amazon Smile


A lot of people ask me whether they can still use Amazon Smile through Tisbury Turkey. The answer is a resounding "Yes." You have always been able to click on our Amazon link to open the homepage and then navigate to the page, but now we've made it even easier to use Amazon Smile through Tisbury Turkey!

Too lazy to click all the way over to our home page to start shopping Amazon Smile? Just click the Amazon Smile logo above!

You'll now find a button at the top of the Tisbury Turkey home page that will take you directly to Amazon Smile as well as separate links for Amazon Smile in the drop-down menus on both the home page and the shopping page.

Not familiar with Amazon Smile? It's just another way to make your Amazon shopping help charities. Amazon gives .5% of your purchase spending to the charity of your choice. To set up your Amazon Smile account:

1. Click on the "Shop Amazon Smile" button on the Tisbury Turkey homepage, or select Amazon Smile from the dropdown menu of stors and hit "Go."

2. Login with your regular Amazon username and password,

3. When prompted, select a charity from their list.

4. That's it! Your shopping will raise .5% donation to the charity of your choice and 5-8% for our current campaign.

Don't forget, always start at Tisbury Turkey to Do the Vineyard Good!