Your Martha's Vineyard Event. Now With More Alpacas!


Alpacas love to party.

Superhero? It's been done. Princess? Magical Ice Princess? It's been done to death. But an alpaca-themed birthday party for your little wonder? Now that's not something you won't find on Pinterest every day.

Whether you live on-island or are just visiting, Island Alpaca can bring some special friends to your party, providing entertainment, education, and some great photo opportunities for your guests. Two sweet and social alpacas will come to your location with a farm assistant, their halters and leads for you to pet them comfortably, and plenty of alpaca fun.  Better yet, bring the party to them, and you can enjoy Island Alpaca's scenic farm and viewing area. 

Spring is coming, and with it, birthdays, bridal and baby showers, rehearsal dinners, reunions, and more. Sure, you could have a beach-themed event or another Frozen party. Or you could have alpacas.