A Beautiful Start To Summer


This Memorial Day, I celebrated the start of the 2014 summer season at the Friends of Family Planning Art Show. I couldn't have been more thrilled to participate in the event and to meet so many artists, patrons, and volunteers. Again and again, people told me how important the Family Planning Clinic is to the community of Martha's Vineyard and how much they appreciate the hard work the Friends of Family Planning put into keeping it operational. I love being able to offer support to wonderful organizations like these.

My perch front of the Poster Contest Submissions wall.

I set up shop in front the wall display of the entries to the Art Show's annual poster contest for local high school students. Standing there all day gave me plenty of opportunity to enjoy the posters myself, but it was especially nice to hear so many people remark on the exceptional talent exhibited by the students this year. Many, many visitors were impressed by the professional and artistic quality of the submissions. The winning poster, created by Jack Yuen, received a great deal of attention. Some were befuddled by the design. To others, it was a fun and whimsical design perfectly suited for the event. Personally, I loved it. In any case, art is meant to stimulate reflection and conversation, so kudos to Mr. Yuen.

Many visitors to the Art Show also commented on the magnificent floral arrangements provided by island florists. The floral chandeliers created by Morrice Florist were photographed by many guests, who commented on both the lovely design of the installation and the freshness and beauty of the flowers.

Morrice Florist's lovely floral chandelier.

My pictures of Washington Ledesma's work came out terribly, so I stole this image from his website. Check it out to see more of his work. 

I had the pleasure of talking with many of the artists who donated art to the show and watching as their work was purchased during the event. From watercolors to photographs to pottery, sculpture, and more, lucky patrons made off with some fabulous works of art.  I even managed to pick up a hand-painted ceramic pig by Washington Ledesma (whom I should remind has promised me a custom-painted turkey plate). And through it all, Jay Lagemann's near life-size bronze sculpture Swinging Jenny quietly and joyfully reminded me that at the end of the day, hugs from my two little boys awaited when I returned to being "Mom" after a long day as the "Turkey Lady." (Never met Jenny? Check out this video of her driving through the snow.)

By all accounts, this year's Friends of Family Planning Art Show was a great success. Art was enjoyed, the start of a new summer season was celebrated, and the Friends raised some money for their important work. I was able to spread the word to many about Tisbury Turkey and our campaign for the Friends, which in part led to a banner month for us in donation dollars raised.   Thank you to all who stopped by and said hello!

Jay Lagemann loading Swinging Jenny onto the truck. They are both headed south for a show in Maryland.