Lisa Vanderhoop of Vineyard Seadogs Productions


Lisa Vanderhoop is a wildlife photographer with an educational background in Wildlife Biology. She worked in science research for several years and then went on to work in science/nature documentary film-making as an associate producer. She has worked on films for National Geographic, Audubon, the Nature Series, ABC, the New England Aquarium and other PBS productions.

The inspiration behind "Vineyard Seadogs" was Lisa's dog, Amos, a Weimaraner. She and her husband, Captain Buddy Vanderhoop – Island Fishing Charter, would take Amos as a pup out on Buddy's fishing boat the Tomahawk II. During their fishing adventures, which Amos loved, she started noticing all of these other dogs out boating, fishing, romping in the surf – even kayaking. It was then the realization hit – the Vineyard really had "gone to the dogs"!

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